Thoughts on our 10-year Anniversary and Spring FUNraiser

Posted April 5, 2012 @ 8:48pm | by Comunidad


Comunidad became on official non-profit in 2002, so happy 10-year anniversary to our little organization! The seed was really planted 2 years prior, with a visit to Paccha, “our” first village. Like a first-born child, Paccha will always have a special place in our hearts. It’s where, even before we started our non-profit, we donated a grain mill to the village, which had been so brutalized by the violence and fallout of the Shining Path. This was back when we just had a desire to help but no experience in planning, fundraising, running a non-profit, etc. 


We never dreamed back in 2000 what we’d create and sustain. But when we did begin our education and nutrition projects, we made a commitment. We knew we wanted to sustain any program we started until such time as there was no longer a need, or it could be taken over by another entity, whether that was the villagers themselves or the government. It’s then we really decided that forming the non-profit would both solidify our commitment and as well as make it easier for caring people who wanted to help, to do so by making tax-deductible donations. The secondary school that we started in Paccha in 2002 was a great success and its administration was actually taken over by the regional government in 2006. It was a great achievement that we made the government sit up and take notice that a school was needed, and wanted, in this overlooked village. 


Other projects we have carefully chosen to start, both additional education and also nutrition projects, are still in need of our annual sustainment. See my last blog entry for some words on whether Peru’s recent economic success has been manifested in the remote rural mountain areas where we do our work (... it hasn’t). And while we are careful to put the sustainment of our already-established projects first, we have added some projects over the years. It’s hard not to do so, when you see how positively our projects have benefited the children; it’s hard not to want to spread that further. As such, our annual budget has increased and this year is at about $40,000. Based on 2011 numbers, about 40% of our budget goes to pay teacher salaries, about 21% goes toward food for our nutritious meal programs, about 18% toward materials and supplies, about 6% goes toward scholarships and the remainder toward other expenses. For those attending or considering attending our spring fundraiser on April 21, your participation in this event is so crucial to Comunidad’s success! In 2011, fully 50% of our 2011 budget was raised at the spring fundraiser. It’s THE event that keeps us going and honoring our commitments to the Andean children that we serve. 


So spread the word and sign yourselves up for this great event on April 21! We guarantee a night of fun! Great food, wine, music, atmosphere, and you are contributing to a wonderful cause! Check out the link on the “About the Foundation” page to get to the party invitation!

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