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Reflecting on our 21 year Comunidad history here in Peru. Spending time with Humberto revisiting our projects and progress as we come close to closing the chapter on Fundación Comunidad. 

I won’t remind you of each project from the beginning, but I do want to remind you that a huge difference has been made in the lives of many, and many of you have had a very important role in the outcome. Lives that would have perhaps started & finished Primary school at best, and then most likely ended up working the fields and starting families too young. Many of those lives now value education and have the opportunity to have a dream of a camino with choices. Those choices wouldn't be possible without the énfasis we’ve put on nutrition. Healthier people have better possibilities, punto! And now each of the communities have small greenhouses, gardens and are more aware of food quality.

Reflecting on the great teachers that dedicated a part of their careers to teaching in these remote pueblos, taking a rough four hour bus at 4am on a Monday to work, staying until Friday, away from their own children, living in dismal conditions. Wow, teacher heroes! 

We couldn't have gone this long without the incredible dedication to the communities from Humberto Valdivia, Mey Martinez & Victor LLacccho Flores. The trio have had their boots on the ground and have volunteered many extra hours tending to the details to make sure the projects served the needs of the students. 

We were able to extend our projects for three extra years due to the incredible generosity of Jodie & Greg, their significant donation helped us to invest in the computers and sewing machines. They helped the students through the times of Covid. They have changed lives.

I want to highlight one community, Patawasi. This was our last addition, the poorest of the towns, the most isolated, and what we think might be the most impacted by the opportunities. They are using the sewing machines and computers the most. They have more collaboration from the parents on preparing lunches. They have been committed, and it shows.

There are ways to continue supporting their education on an individual basis. We do not plan on forgetting them. I could envision a female Patawasi student garnering a scholarship to study at the University of Minnesota!!!!

For some of us that have been dedicated to the needs in Peru over the years, we are focusing more on what we can do in our community, state and country. The time of looking to the Andes on how to help while enjoying a relatively peaceful reality at home, has changed. 

With Gratitude & Prayers for World Peace, from Paccha, Patawasi, Chaquipampa, Corozon de Naupas, Chaquipampa, Humberto and all of us at Fundación Comunidad



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