Catching up with our Scholarship students 12 years later!

Posted November 29, 2022 @ 9:22am | by Comunidad

Twenty two years after graduating from the high school in Paccha that Fundación Comunidad started, we were tickled to get an update from some of our initial scholarship students from 2010. 

Julian Lopez Anccasi

Born in Paccha, he was orphaned at the age of 8. There were seven brothers, he was the only one to go to high school. 
At that time, in 2004, Comunidad started the secondary school in Paccha, set up a kitchen, bought the ingredients for the students' daily meals and paid the salary of a director and three teachers, one of them was Victor LLacccho who was the director of the school in 2005 and 2006 and is currently our representative in the communities.
Julián won a scholarship from ‘Comunidad’ and studied at the San Cristóbal de Huamanga National University, in the Faculty of Agrarian Engineering, finishing after 6 years with the title of Agricultural Engineer.
The Foundation supported him with the payment of his monthly allowance, study materials and food. Monthly he gave us a report on his progress at the university and the payments made, in such a way that he felt a commitment to the good use of the help he received from the Foundation.
When he finished, he returned to Paccha and helped the community members who wanted to improve their crops, especially quinoa. Later, he moved to other communities to carry out more projects to improve organic farming.
One of Julián's great contributions is that as a student and now as a professional, wherever he is, he guides students to value education as an instrument of change for their lives and to improve society.

Emerson Tacas Ruero

He finished studying in the Paccha High School and chose to study at a technical institute in Huamanga. The support from the Foundation paid for his studies, while providing support for his materials and food. Victor, our representative, made the monthly payments at the institute and collected Emerson’s evaluations, that way he knew that we always had an interest in him doing well in his studies. He studied for a Dentistry degree, and he is now a Dentist!

Raida Tacas Ruero
From Paccha, studied nursing and is working for a private health company. Raida & Emerson are siblings, we’ve had a special relationship to their family from the day a few of us arrived, on foot, in Paccha in 1999. Their Father Gregorio, welcomed us, in-spite of the political unrest and fear that gripped the community during the dark days of the civil war around the Sendero Luminoso. He continued to be our gracious host and education supporter until a tragic pedestrian accident took his life fourteen years later. We knew his children were as committed as their Father for the wellbeing of their community members. 

Julian on site

Dr Emerson Tacas Ruero (L)

Raida ready to serve

Our pilgrimage to Paccha in 1999

Our gracious hosts Gregorio (R) & Eloy



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