The Non School Year of Covid

Posted September 3, 2020 @ 5:42pm | by Comunidad

The school year in the Andes should have started mid March. It’s now eary Sept...they will have lost the academic year of 2020 by the time Dec comes. Having just spent time with many of the students last Nov, there was a-lot of excitement for their upcoming year. I was able to travel to the remote villages with a group of 12 board members and family. We took ideas and suggestions home to address a plan to improve some hygiene, nutrition & education issues for 2020.
At this point there is nothing we have been able to do. Remote learning requires internet, tablets and teachers. There is very limited service at best and there is no bus travel between departments (states).
Peru is experiencing some of the highest pandemic cases in the world. We are looking ahead to next year on how we may be able to help them catch up. Admittedly there is much needed, we hope to make a difference when we can.

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