The first Humana Tourism visit to Paccha

Posted November 25, 2013 @ 8:37am | by Comunidad

A Humana Tourism project: Destination Paccha!
On Nov 5, 2013, twelve fine folk followed Melanie to Paccha, the long way. They had all been to Peru at least once and knew what they were in for, more or less, in a sketchy sort of way…
It was a bit rugged and unpredictable at times, even though it was rather well laid out, yet very rich, intimate, emotional, cultural and an 'inolvidable' journey.
It was a first for everyone. Paccha has never hosted a group larger than a few foundation volunteers, this was business! Services were required and there was some money to be made by the community.
Cooking, market shopping, transport, cleaning, mattresses, guided hikes, artesania, peas, honey, trout, bread in the shape of Huaguas, hats…we were game for it all!
The route started from Lima to Tarma, Huancayo, Huancavelica, Paccha and the four hamlets we work with near there ( Chaquipampa, Hatunpampa, Corozon de Ñaupas, Chaupiwasi) ending in Ayacucho. Thirteen intense days!!!! One of the hardest trips I've ever organized, yet the most rewarding opportunity I could have ever asked for.
Being in the tour business, my goal for each trip to the Andes, is that it is a reciprocal and positive experience for both the traveler and the host. There is no doubt the goal was met on this trip. Our group managed to integrate as seamlessly as possible during the 3 night stay in Paccha. There was dancing, laughter, singing, knitting, hiking, mural art, popcorn and a a slide show, to name a few of the highlights. It surpassed my expectations! 

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