Road trip to Paccha

Posted January 16, 2017 @ 10:50am | by Comunidad

It’s always a full experience when going to Paccha and beyond. Sister Jessie and I were pleased to see the Paccha High School completed as well as the new Chaquipampa High School (named after Comunidad founder Padre Walter Ebertz)  School doesn’t start again until March, at that time we will know what futher education roles the government will assume and what part we will continue with. We will continue with providing school lunch for most either as a soya meat supplement or the whole lunch deal if need be. Nutrition is still a weak Government link in these areas. And, it was necessary to pick up a new scholarship student. Yovanna’s Father Gregorio, a very dear friend of Comunidad, was tragically killed in a traffic accident last May. Yovanna’s two siblings ( Emerson & Riada) have compeleted their post secondary studies with Comunidad’s help, they are doing well and now without Gregorio, we will support Yovanna through this difficult time. This is a big relief to the family and they are very grateful to the donors of Comunidad. It’s helpful to have the backing of our supporters to act as issues surface. Stay tuned for the March role count! 


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