Patawasi gets a new baño

Posted July 31, 2017 @ 4:46pm | by Comunidad

We/you, are building a Baño in Patawasi !!! To be exact, it's 3 women's toilets plus a sink, 2 men's toilets & 2 urinals plus a sink. This fits into the health and nutrition part of our mission. The baño situation has been dismal in most of the areas we work. They haven't made the connection to their children's health and the bathroom situation as clearly as we have been able to, for obvious reasons, but we are getting them excited for this change! We are at the stage of funding a need. We are still assisting with 375 lunches and six scholarships through the end of the school year Dec 2017.  We  anticipate needing $6000 to complete the school year with the added bathroom project. If we come up with extra...un baño mas!

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