New Year excitement

Posted January 1, 2011 @ 11:41pm | by Comunidad

The New Year donations are coming in and it looks like we can confidently take on our new projects needed for 2011. We had a very generous stock transfer donation that is such a boost for the upcoming year. This allows us to add a preschool in the new village of San Mateo de Ajomarca- bringing the total preschools up to five for 2011 The Rotary Club in River Falls received matching funds from The Rotary Club Excelsior, for the book project. Having recently been in the villages, the excitement and success of the reading project is encouraging. There does need to be more coaching on how to use a library system, the fact that they can take a book home is a novel concept and a few areas aren't using the books in this way yet, but they will get more comfortable as we go.

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