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Posted December 28, 2010 @ 8:16am | by Comunidad

The progress in the Paccha area keeps getting more notable. Paula Chuchvara, a long time supporter and fundraiser, joined board member Humberto Valdivia and myself for three days in the villages in November. Paula runs a medical clinic in Webster City, Iowa. This was her second visit to the area, her last visit was two years earlier. She was very impressed with the results of the nutrition programs. I.E. increased body mass and health of students. We were also promoting the scholarship program. The school year ended in mid Dec and we encouraged the graduates to apply. We currently have five and expect to add more. We also agreed to add another pre-school program for a new village 'San Mateo de Ajomarca' there are 28 students, some of which are walking 2 hrs one way to our nearest school. The difference of the students that get pre-school education and lunch, vs those who don't, has been well documented by the  teachers and the medical personal working in the villages. It's very encouraging!

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