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Posted February 20, 2012 @ 11:32am | by Comunidad

After leading a fine group of folks through southern Peru, Steve & Lynn Nodgaard stayed on for further (and a little more rustic ) adventure. We spent a great day in Paccha and Corozon de Ñaupas. It is always a soulful time spent in the villages we work in. The school season was on break but we got to connect with folks and introduce Steve and Lynn to many along the way. We had Wilber Quispe come along as our guide, as we decided to visit a new town and further our adventure! The town of ' Millpo' is accessed mostly by horse, but we did have 4 x 4 and found a good track to get there. Another awesome area of the state of Ayacucho. It reminded me often however, that Paccha was hit extremly hard by terrorism, the more I travel other small hamlets of the Ayacucho area the more I realize that. Many stories are shared and they often come around to that time period. It also confirms how important our work is. 


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