Gourmet Dining for a cause

Posted July 8, 2013 @ 6:13pm | by Comunidad

The Fundraiser winners of an auctioned gourmet catered dinner for 10, by Kevin Pechacek/ River Valley Catering/Westwind Restrauant, was a huge success!
The diners were from the last Peru trip, they were generous to bid high, they knew they would have fun and they did! Board members Amy & Melanie Ebertz helped Kevin serve. The menu was extraordinary. Libby Juster hosted the event on her rooftop patio overlooking the Mississippi River. Wilber Qusipe went along to help but quickly became the guest of honor!
We are looking forward to the other dinner coming up in August. The generous donation by Kevin raised an additional $1,700 for Comunidad!

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