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Posted December 20, 2019 @ 6:15pm | by Comunidad

Since 1999, most of the Ebertz family has been involved with the Comunidad projects, in some fashion. Perhaps only as indirect donors being children of my siblings, or as in the case with my nephew Vince, it was his first non-profit donation he ever made at the young age of 18, he had inherited $1000 from a relative and turned around and donated half of it. 

It was time for them to have a personal connection with the community members while we could, the stars aligned and off to the Andes 13 of us went (12 Ebertz and one Chuchvara) during two weeks in November. We celebrated our Dad/ Grandpa’s birthday at the Walter Ebertz High School. Yeny Alcantara, the school director of  Corózon de Ñuapas coordinated everything we needed for our 3 day stay. The community brought their mattress’s to the school for us to sleep on, the parents donated potatoes and quinoa and all made us feel right at home. There was an incredible three hour presentation of culture and dance put on by the high school that was extraordinary! We were even treated to a skilled ‘Danza de Tijera’ or ‘Scissor Dance’ that is recognized by UNESCO /The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

Walter Ebertz only made it to this remote area of Ayacucho once, in 2002, when he joined his daughters Melanie & Jessica to inaugurate the grain mill the extended family had fabricated for the neighboring community of Paccha. He was very inspired to help see the people progress and his care is still experienced today. The school will celebrate their anniversary every year on Nov 25, his birthday, a great day!

It was decided the nutrition plan of 375 lunches, a kitchen upgrade and the hygiene projects will continue through 2020. We now have new ambassadors involved. Not only our extended family, board member Humberto Valdivia just made a trip to Chaquipampa with his grandkids and Wilber Quispe’s family are always nearby and engaged.



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