Future Plans

  • 2014: One pre-school has been taken over by the government, their ongoing mission to provide pre-school in the rural areas, but the quality is drastically reduced, and commonly school is only taught for 3 days vs 5 days!  So we currently support 5 pre-schools and are developing a tutoring program to assisit in what they lose. Providing Paccha, Corozon De Naupas & Chaquipampa high school lunches. Our goal is to invest approximately $6,000 in text books for them, @3 books per student.  They have never had text books.  In the past they have been provided with incomplete photocopied books from the government.  More library books on order.  Eight scholarship students with new applicants on the way.
  • Paccha got electricity in 2007, which provided an opportunity to start a computer lab. The government in Nov 2012 has started that but much equipment is still needed. 
  • Health issues such as the lack of potable water cannot be ignored.  Comunidad has overseen some outhouse upgrade projects and will continue this effort while also monitoring basic sanitation.
  • Nutritional deficiencies are the main concern of the parents. The lunch program has made a huge difference in the health of not only the pre-schoolers, but the high school students as well. Propane stoves have replaced wood fires that were a health hazard. Kitchens are stocked and more efficient and assessed annually for proper hygiene. Village lunch programs are added as needed.
  • Support of the graduates to apply to the scholarship program and meet with them during the course of their studies.
  • Encourage the local and federal government to take responsibility for the school programs we have started, while continuing our support of those programs in the meantime. At this time taking over pre-schools isn't in the governments charter but we never give up on trying to see that change inacted. 


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