Winding up the 2018 school year

Posted November 23, 2018 @ 7:06pm | by Comunidad

I always feel so grateful to have the opportunity to spend time in a few of the communities we’ve worked in. Over Thanksgiving, it was Patahuasi and Corozón de Ñaupaus. These two hamlets, high up in the Andes, have alot to be proud of. 

Patahuasi has it’s first high school graduating class of 8. First time ever! We were able to upgrade their classrooms this year, add a library, and provide a hearty lunch. I saw a big difference in their energy level and confidence since my last visit a year ago.

Corozón de Ñaupas continues to excel. We are so appreciative of the director Yenny Valenzuela’s hard work. She is in the process of getting the High School accredited as an EIB ( Education, Intercultural, Bilingual) The first in the state of Ayacucho. They will put emphasis on both Quechua and Español and take both languages to the highest level. This is quite incredible. We will continue to support them with school lunch and are considering adding a computer program if possible.

So much to be Thankful for. All of which wouldn’t be possible without our kind and generous Comunidad donors.




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