Rotary Club donates funds to buy textbooks!

Posted March 1, 2015 @ 8:14am | by Comunidad

In early February board members Steve Nodgaard, Kevin Pechacek and Kathy Schoenberg-Ebertz attended the River Falls Rotary meeting to accept a generous donation on behalf of Comunidad. John Kremer of the River Falls Rotary worked with the River Falls, Hudson, Rochester Rotary Clubs and the International Rotary to secure a donation for books for the Comunidad students. John has been a great friend of Comunidad, visiting the villages and travelling with board members. Many thanks to all the Rotary Clubs and John for his enthusiasm and diligence in securing this wonderful grant. The Peru governemnt has only ever supplied text book photocopies to their students in the outlying areas, we discovered the books were only partially photocoped! Now, students will not only have real books, they will get to take them home for studying and sharing! On behalf of all the students and villages we support "Muchisimas Gracias"!

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