Holiday celebration in the Andes

Posted December 21, 2021 @ 10:35am | by Comunidad

It was a much anticipated Holiday celebration in our communities of Chaquipampa, Andabamba & Patahuasi. Due to the pandemic and the rural hamlets taking extreme caution, Humberto & Mey Valdivia were unable to make the journey last December. They did send presents and other donated requested goods however, and thankfully this year the trip was possible. 

The isolated rural communities have managed to protect themselves pretty well from sickness, but the last two academic years were also much more challenging because of this. 

Getting eight computers, wifi, a projector and a laptop to Patahuasi made all the difference for 2021. The computers and a good lunch made the pilgrimage to school much more enticing, and there are graduates to prove it. Also, as of December, we are working on a very exciting pillow embroidery project for the mothers of the students.

Chaquipampa high school has progressed with their baking project; it is now an accredited class! Humberto reports the breads were the best he has tasted in a long time. We are exploring the communities request for more baking supplies. There is an opportunity for them to have commercial success beyond serving the local residents.

As you may recall, in 2019 we were in the process of winding down. With our needs in the US getting more serious, we thought we should focus more locally. With the pandemic, ongoing loss of in-person education, lack of nutrition, and overall economic hardship, we have compelling reasons to continue our work.  We are thus committed for 2022.

For the school year of March - December 2021 we had:

  • 165 daily lunches
  • Nine Computers plus projector and wifi
  • One Teacher Assistant for home visits

After much hard work in very challenging times they graduated 30 students, 20 of which were girls.

A difference is being made! Thank you for your support,

The families of Chaquipampa, Anadabamba & Patahuasi

A short video of the Dec visit

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