An exciting school year in the Andes

Posted September 7, 2022 @ 3:26pm | by Comunidad

Comunidad was able to get 12 new sewing machines to our three rural Andean communities, during the month of July. The machines are for the students and their families, and their response has been robust! We are excited by their excitement. Humberto carefully sourced the machines, secured fair prices and had them transported to the villages. We hope the machines will open up a source of income as they develop their skills, and yes there is now a sewing class offered.

The agricultural project provides a green boost to the daily lunches we provide, the students are natural born farmers. The school year has gone well after the loss of 18 covid months. We continue to work at delivering hope and opportunity. Last year’s covid push was an additional investment of nine computers, this year the sewing machines and bakery supplies...and encouraging the addition of a sex education class, with success!


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