2016 Spring FUNdraiser Update

Posted April 14, 2016 @ 11:49am | by Comunidad

Friends of Comunidad,

It’s the time of year when we are usually very busy getting ready for the annual FUNdraiser, which we’ve held for the past seven years at the Northrup King Building. We have decided not to do it this year however, and it's a rather bittersweet decision. 


Hopefully the Holiday letter that was sent out in November 2015, reflected our positive thoughts and plans for the future of Fundacion Comunidad. At the time of the letter, we felt that with the direction the government was taking by assuming education responsibilities in the Andes, it was the right time to step aside. Comunidad paved the way, with 14 years of building such effective early education, and high school and nutrition programs, that the communities have learned what quality to expect and work for. 


We were also able to bring in the University of Michigan’s Sustainability without Borders, to partner with the community of Chaquipampa. They are addressing water issues and developing an aquaponics program.


Given these developments, we anticipate having just enough funds to provide the four preschools with funding through this school year, which ends in December 2016, and cover our scholarship students through graduation, the last of which concludes in 2018.


It's a relief not to ask for donations again this year and it’s a lot less work to not plan a gala event, BUT we are already missing the gathering of incredible people that would usually take place this month. The energy, generosity and love that Comunidad has brought together, has had a huge impact on many lives, both here and in the Andes. The annual FUNdraiser event, from the first one in 2009, was organic in nature. It came off with a guiding light from our founder Walter Ebertz; we couldn’t have done it without his ever-present spirit. 


We feel very fortunate to have worked with you, during such a depth full and positive time of growth for 100s of youth in the Paccha, Peru area. 


Mil Gracias, 


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